1. Lady luck

From the recording No Way Out

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I’ve been shot down, been beaten up
Streaming blood but stood back up
Been knocked out, against the ropes
Yeah life’s had me by the throat
And oh, I keep getting up

I’ve been the drunk guy, party joke
Cashed up at the casino
Shot the dice, it sent me broke
They took my house, hat and coat
And oh, I’ll roll them again

And after all is said and done
And the fat old lady’s singing yeah
It’s the end of the game
Though you may have been hit by a truck
Keep loving lady luck

I’ve been criticised, hypnotised
Mystified and mesmerised
Minimised and privatised
Yeah I’ve learnt to improvise
I’ll keep making it up

I’ve been tired, I’ve been lonely
And I need someone to love me
I’m not a liar nor a cheater
I promise I will treat you good
Oh honey I’ll treat you good