From the recording No Way Out

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Elvis talk to Jesus, I need some rock n roll
A dose of that rhythm you don’t hear on today’s radio
Heaven’s heavy back beat kicks in and sets the tone
A choir of pretty angels will dance and sing along yeah
Elvis talk to Jesus, save our souls

Elvis talk to Jesus it’s been too darn dog long
Since we’ve been all shook up put our blue suede shoes on
One shake of your pelvis and all the girls were won
All the boys were jealous but they’d dance and sing along
Elvis talk to Jesus

Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah…

The Elvis second coming well folks it won’t be long
With Jerry on piano, Carl Perkins on guitar
All aboard the mystery train,
the other side of the track ain’t too dark
You can do the hound dog at the heartbreak hotel
Escape from the jailhouse you won’t find yourself in hell
Elvis talk to Jesus save our souls